Emmedue Panels

Modular panels made with polystyrene and galvanized steel mesh for load-bearing walls, partitions, floors and stairs.
Industrially produced, they guarantee high heat-soundproofing insulation, high fire resistance and strength to earthquake events as well as high quality.  >>

Panel production plants

Emmedue designs, develops and commercializes turnkey plants for the production of the EMMEDUE® panels.
In order to better comply with the requirements of its customers, the company offers a wide range of plants both in the several standard typologies and by studying made-on-purpose plants. >>

EMMEDUE® Advanced Building System

Integrated system of modular panels
for load-bearing walls, partitions, floors and stairs for the realization of high performance buildings rapidly and with reduced costs.

Over 30-year experience
The concept forming the fundaments of the EMMEDUE® System was born, already at the end of the Seventies, from the brilliant idea to apply the industrial advantages of the technology innovation to a field which was not traditionally disposed to changes such as that of the building industry. Thanks to this idea and thanks to the brilliant combination between the most advanced electromechanical and electronic technology and the world of building, this innovative and ingenious building system was born.

Known in the entire world
The over 40 processing lines placed in different countries of the world are evidence of the efficacy and efficaciousness as well as of the high reliability of the EMMEDUE® System.

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